ChickChak - Terms and conditions


Terms of Use and Privacy on the Site and App (ChickChak)

A. general
1. The following Terms of Use apply to the use of the Website and App "ChickChak" (hereinafter: "The App"), operated and managed by Clickwebs LTD Inc. Singer 38828 (hereinafter: "Clickwebs LTD Inc."). Use of the App, including the content contained therein and the various services operating therein, indicates your agreement to the Website and App Terms of Use, Including the Privacy Policy set out below, so please read them carefully. These Terms apply to the use of the Website and the App and the Content contained therein through various communication devices including cellular, smart cellular ("Smartphone ") and Tablet (" Tablet ") .
2. The terms of use of the website and the app are formulated in male language for convenience only, as it refers to all genders alike .
3. Under these Terms, the terms "Content" or "Content" include information of any kind and type, including any verbal, visual, audio, audiovisual content , audio-visual  Or any combination thereof as well as their design, processing, editing, distribution and manner of presentation .
4. ChickChak may make any correction and / or change to these Terms of Use, at its sole discretion. Such fixes will be posted within the app .
5. These Terms are written in understandable language for all and by installing the App and\or by registering on our website, you accept these Terms in their entirety after you understand their contents and you will have no claim and / or complaint as to their misunderstanding. .

B. Use of the app Use of the contents of the app is in accordance with the rules below
6. Use of the app is for personal and personal purposes only. You may not copy and use, or permit others to use, in any other way or in any way the content in the app, including other websites, electronic publications, print publications as well as any publicity and any other media, ChickChak , In advance and in writing, and subject to the terms of consent (as far as is permitted) .
7. Content from the app must not be displayed in any way, including any software, device, accessory or communication protocol - that changes their design or omits any content in advertisements and commercial content and in any manner other than advertising and / or marketing and / or content. Any commercial use .
8. No use of the app is unlawful and / or contrary to any law and / or regulation and / or statutory provision, including its use and / or which may be defamatory, infringing, copyright infringement, infringing, or protecting the minors,Use that goes to commercial injustice and any other illegal use as stated .

C. App registration and updates
9. Some of the services offered to the users of the app require a registration and creating an account. As part of the registration, you will be asked to update details about you such as: first name, last name, active e-mail address, including telephone number and choose a personal password. Some of these details will be marked as "required fields" Unless this data is provided, registration will not be possible and certain services may be provided only after registration. In some services, you may be asked to add and disclose additional data / details that warrant the nature of the service or according to the considerations of ChickChak , these services will be available after the required data / details are provided.
10. In case any of the details change, ChickChak must be updated by contacting customer service via the app or via the ChickChak website .
11. During registration for the client application confirms consent to receive Push messages  ("push notifications ")  And newsletters from ChickChak And from Clickwebs LTD Inc. (hereinafter: "Clickwebs LTD Company"), which may be considered advertising, as provided for in Amendment No. 40 of the Telecommunications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law 5760 1982, Section 30A. You can stop receiving Push messages at any time by updating your app or mobile device, and stop receiving newsletters by contacting us through customer service in the app or via the ChickChak email address Listed below .  .
The phone number you provided to us is only available to interested parties when placing your order and in our database.

D. Intellectual Property
12. All copyright and intellectual property in the app, including the exclusive copyright in the app code, as well as any content contained in the ChickChak Only, or from a third party, who has allowed the ChickChak Use them. No part of the foregoing, directly or indirectly, through any third party, or in any way or by any means Electronic, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording means and the like, ChickChak Or any of the other rights holders, as applicable and subject to the terms of consent (as far as is appropriate) .

E. ChickChak responsibility
13. ChickChak And / or anyone on its behalf will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of the app and any display or publication of content appearing in the app, including: Operating system malfunctions and / or any software found on the device and / or any hardware and / or virus and / or hostile software and / or quality or speed of application use .
14.   The contents of the app are usable as they are (AS IS). The user of the app will have no claim, claim or requirement for ChickChak And / or anyone on its behalf for the features of the content, their capabilities, their limitations, their suitability to the individual needs of different users. Therefore, the use of the app will be the sole and full responsibility of the user .

F. App changes and termination of service
15.  ChickChak may from time to time change the structure of the app, its appearance and its design, and may change any other aspect of the app - all without the prior notice to the public using it 
16. Without derogating from the above, ChickChak may stop providing all or some of these services at any time .

G. Privacy Policy
17. The data you provide when you register will be stored in ChickChak's database. You are not required by law to provide the information, but without providing them, you will not be able to use any services in the app .
18.  When using the app, it may accumulate information about your practices and shopping habits, products and services that you have purchased or requested to return, information about an advertisement you have expressed interest in, pages or departments you have viewed, offers and services of interest to you, payment methods used and more. ChickChak will keep the information in its database. ChickChak Make use of the above data for analysis and statistical segmentation as well as produce relevant content for each user (promotions / coupons / messages) relevant to them 
19.  Using the app confirms that you know that ChickChak will periodically receive data about your location and traffic, even when the app is off. ChickChak will only use this data as part of your use of the app, among other things to enhance your experience as a customer and offer you location-based offers. You know that you can remove the location-based service by updating the app settings, and after removing / turning off the location services in the app, ChickChak will not receive your location and route data and will not be able to update you on location-based services .
20. ChickChak may retain, collect and record this data and use it for its purposes and / or for the provision of services to its customers, including performing statistical and marketing analyzes and segmentation of information for the purpose of developing services, marketing and / or offering various services, in compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, A. 1981 
21. ChickChak will not transfer to third parties, except Click Webs Inc., your personal information and information collected about your activity in the app (as much as this information personally identifies you), except in the cases below :
21.1  Should you breach the terms of using the app, or if you make using the app, or in connection with , activities that appear as contrary to justice, or attempting to commit such acts  .
  In accordance with the instructions of the judicial order instructor for the ChickChak Provide your information or information about you to a third party, although not the court  .
  Any dispute, claim or legal proceedings, as they arise, between you and ChickChak (Including its affiliates and / or its behalf) will become apparent in the competent court of Tel Aviv Jaffa  .
  In any case where to know ChickChak The provision of information is necessary to prevent serious damage to your body or property .

H. Jurisdiction
22. These Terms shall apply only to the laws of the State of Israel and the competent court to hear any claim arising from these Terms of Use shall be heard only in the competent court in accordance with the rules of jurisdiction in the City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. .